Friday, November 17, 2006

A small finish

Hello everyone,
I am just learning how to cross-stitch at the moment and I wanted a blog of my own !!

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I love my sheep it is a 'Shepherd's Bush' one and my first stitching on evenweave linen...I did this about a year ago and will make it into a fob or small pillow type pincushion.

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Please leave me a comment if you like it :))))

I am now stitching 'Mary Kirby Home' by Bright Needle but I am doing this on 14ct aida as I am trying to do it all by myself and it is easier. Here is the picture of what I was telling you about my Mary Kirby and Hoover. Each Mary Kirby comes with a real silver charm and a passport and a little chapter story.I hope I get this done soon and made into something with a bit of help for my new Blog called My Stitching.

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