Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year

These are some lovely gifts I have received, I love them so much they're gorgeous and were all surprises which made them better.

Thank-you very much to my Gran for making this gift just before Christmas. My Stocking is so brilliant and has lots of charms on it, my brother got one as well. My Gran put bells on them too. This is really special and holds a lot of presents LOL it is by Shepherds Bush. I am going get a better picture of this on here as soon as I can as you can't really tell what it is like and the lovely colours.

I entered a contest on Annemaries blog to help name her needlecase thingy, somebody else won but because I did a lot of names and worked hard on thinking them up, I got a gift too. Isn't she very kind to do that for me :) I like this picture as it shows the pale blue background colour of the linen.

The Front with our names and year on it

The Back says Merry Christmas in 5 different languages!!

This ornament is from Colette and is very pretty, it is not stitched but VERY lovely anyway. It has soft brown velvet on the back and different colour beads which are my favourite colours. My Mum tells me the colours I like are soft autumn ones. I wanted this on the tree we had on our table right over Christmas and New Year so I could see it all the time. It looked lovely, it was pointing towards me //..\\ Now I am going to put it into my bedroom.

Thank-you very much for these beautiful gifts , I got a thread like lots of other ladies from Secret Blogging Santa in the colour 'Santa Red'.

I also have got a lovely pack , so did my brother, of goodies from Leena who sent my Mum an exchange.

I appreciate all of you giving them to me xoxoxo I know I am very lucky and I know how long things take to make.

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