Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Stash

I got this new stash of two new shepherds bush kits from my mum from Wales. Do you like them? I am excited to start them and put them on my blog the heart is my favourite one! The other one is Mary Kirby a present from Carol who I am giving the pincushion to below, to add to my collection THANK-YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN :-)).

I have some other neat news I am doing my very first exchange with Katie.
from America, She is 1 year older than me because cos she is 9 and has just started a new blog like me! WE ARE BOTH VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! :-))))))))))))))))

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Blogger Susimac said...

Oh WOW Amy - nice stash I can see I will be having to watch my Shepherds Bush stash when you come over to visit soon.
I love your heart one too.

1:11 pm  
Blogger jane said...

lovely stash Amy - hope you enjoy it!

1:56 pm  
Blogger lena-lou said...

Love your stash choices and your gift from Carol :-))

love Mummy xx

2:36 pm  
Blogger Vonna said...

That is a sweet bunch of stitchy things, I'm thinking Amy ;)
And I love the heart too!
I'm Katie's Mum and she's thrilled to do an exchange with you too!!!
We tea dyed her fabric she's going to use for your gift on Friday, and she's picked out her design. So tonight we're going to choose the threads. It will be ever so much fun! Hugs to you and I love all your projects you've been doing! I'm at my work right now, but tonight, I'll show Katie all your grand projects taht you've been doing :) She'll leave you a comment too!

4:44 pm  
Blogger katica said...

Enjoy your new stash! Its always fun getting new things to stitch!

4:50 pm  
Blogger Carol said...

You are so welcome - enjoy your new pretty things!!

5:09 pm  
Blogger Jane said...

Isn't it great having new stash. I always love getting new stuff. Enjoy your exchange with Katie.

5:57 pm  
Anonymous Elaine said...

I do like your new stash, Enjoy your exchange. Elaine xxx

7:08 pm  
Blogger Karen said...

Lovely new stash the heart design is very pretty

7:32 am  
Blogger Nicki said...

What lovely new stash! And how exciting to have someone to do exchanges with - I'm sure you'll love it :)

10:53 am  
Blogger Gwen said...

Just absolutely beautiful. I love you stash.

5:20 am  
Blogger Meari said...

Lovely stash, Amy. Good luck with your exchange. :)

10:16 pm  

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