Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look At this !!!!!!!!!

This is the first of three posting today as we have time to get all my news on so we are doing it all at once now :))

This is the best one I love It DO YOU, It is special to me! I really am glad it turned out verry verry good! :-)
I finished my first Mary Kirby called 'Home' (number 1) I wanted a pinkeep like my mum Lena-lou. She helped me to do it by showing me but I did do it all and I used glue when it had dried my mum did stitch all round the edge for me as it was too hard for me. Otherwise I did it all myself and I picked all the colours to go together. This is on 16 count aida which I do think looks nicer than binca but it is easier for me than evenweave/linen that I did the SB sheep on. I am going to make that into a fob real soon!

This below is showing you the pins I choose and a close up of my ribbon

Here you can see what I chose for the back if you like it as much as me please leave me a comment because I worked very hard to do this and I am so PROUD of myself :))

Thank-you for looking and commenting have a nice week and please look at my other 2 posts below and leave me a comment if you would like because I love them ;-)

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New Stash

I got this new stash of two new shepherds bush kits from my mum from Wales. Do you like them? I am excited to start them and put them on my blog the heart is my favourite one! The other one is Mary Kirby a present from Carol who I am giving the pincushion to below, to add to my collection THANK-YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN :-)).

I have some other neat news I am doing my very first exchange with Katie.
from America, She is 1 year older than me because cos she is 9 and has just started a new blog like me! WE ARE BOTH VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! :-))))))))))))))))

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Quick and Easy

Above you can see some pincushions I made the other weekend at my Grans, the one with the cross is my own design the other was from a book but I did my own colours. These were hand stitched together and I enjoyed putting the stuffing in. The one with the cross is for KarenV and the heart one is for Carol because they are very kind to me.

This one above now is what I did for my Mum , it was a surprise and I wanted it to be special for her. I am really chuffed with it I hope that you like it!!! ;-) She put more on her blog about it the other week.

This last one is my favourite, It is cute so I am keeping this one for my self. :)

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