Tuesday, May 08, 2007

First Machine Sewing in February

The pitcure at the top is the first thing I did on the sewing-machine it is a freindship belt. I made 3 one for me and 2 for my friends . I cut these out and did everything myself but my Gran helped me a bit. I have told you about this but see a close up.

The close up is showing you what charms I put on it as you can see there is a brown gingerbread man and a silver strawberry. What you can see next is what I did for my Mum, it is a tapemeasure cover that she had on her blog in February and she loves it.

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Blogger Susimac said...

OOOOH Amy, they are lovely, I bet your friends love them, I love the little charms you have put on them and the pocket that you made your mum is wonderful - no wonder mum loves it.

Hugs Aunty Su xxxx

8:12 pm  
Blogger lena-lou said...

I love my tape measure pocket and think you sew beautifully :-))

Big ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))

12:22 am  
Blogger Carol said...

Hello Amy! I have missed you so much!! Your belt is fantastic! I think you should be proud!

4:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fabulous gift for your two friends. It's such a nice and original idea for you all to have a friendship belt. You really are very creative. I love the tape measure cover too.
Looking forward to seeing more of your work :>)
Best wishes, Angela

9:21 pm  
Blogger Von said...

Excellent sewing, Amy! You mum is surely proud of you. :D

10:03 pm  
Blogger Margaret said...

What an adorable belt - love the charms. You did a great job!! How wonderful that you have also treated your mum and two friends to some lovely sewing.

7:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your gift to your friends is really pretty. It's such an ususual gift and you have stitched it beautifully. It's nice to think you all have one to wear together. I love the little strawberry charm.
Warm hugs Angela (a friend of your Auntie Su's) :>)

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Eva said...

hi Amy !
your blog is really delightful ... i wonder if you like pink color ... lol

welcome to our wonderful stitching and blog world ;o)

you know, you belong to a talented family :)
watch out ! the third generation is comiiiiing lol


8:04 am  
Blogger Connie said...

Amy! Looks like you have the family talent in your genes. Beautiful sewing job, and so creative too!!! I am looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations. Way to go, girl!

By the way, my daughters name is Amy also!! But she is grown up with a daughter of her own!

9:22 pm  
Blogger Singular Stitches said...

Amy, what beautiful sewing for your first try!!

8:16 pm  
Anonymous Chrissie said...

Amy, I just love your blog and your stitching is really beautiful. Well done and keep it up. How nice that you are following in the footsteps of your Mummy, Aunty and Gran. I am book- marking your blog and looking forward to checking back. Happy Stitching!

10:49 am  
Blogger Sandy said...

Amy, I saw your link on your Mom's blog and have to say your work is just wonderful. You do amazing cross stitch and sewing. I'm 35 and can't even sew so you're so far ahead of the game. Keep up the good work. You should be so proud of yourself.

6:28 pm  
Blogger Nelapx said...

Hello Amy… is very admirable your work… I must congratulate to you. I want I want enviarte a gift. you can ask your breast, if me of permission to send a gift for you? The answer of her as good Breast will be that it will send, informs that desire to send charms and bellboys for your embroiderings… and pretty tapes…. dile that I am moved to see combines young so small entrabajos so wonderful. if she dise If, that writes to me to Nelapx@yahoo.es
muchos besos y mis mas grandes felicidaddes...

5:56 pm  
Blogger Stitch Wizard said...

Wow Amy your belt is really nice! Maybe you can teach me how to use the sewing machine!! You have done a great job on this and I bet your friends love them too! Debby :)

5:50 am  

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