Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year

These are some lovely gifts I have received, I love them so much they're gorgeous and were all surprises which made them better.

Thank-you very much to my Gran for making this gift just before Christmas. My Stocking is so brilliant and has lots of charms on it, my brother got one as well. My Gran put bells on them too. This is really special and holds a lot of presents LOL it is by Shepherds Bush. I am going get a better picture of this on here as soon as I can as you can't really tell what it is like and the lovely colours.

I entered a contest on Annemaries blog to help name her needlecase thingy, somebody else won but because I did a lot of names and worked hard on thinking them up, I got a gift too. Isn't she very kind to do that for me :) I like this picture as it shows the pale blue background colour of the linen.

The Front with our names and year on it

The Back says Merry Christmas in 5 different languages!!

This ornament is from Colette and is very pretty, it is not stitched but VERY lovely anyway. It has soft brown velvet on the back and different colour beads which are my favourite colours. My Mum tells me the colours I like are soft autumn ones. I wanted this on the tree we had on our table right over Christmas and New Year so I could see it all the time. It looked lovely, it was pointing towards me //..\\ Now I am going to put it into my bedroom.

Thank-you very much for these beautiful gifts , I got a thread like lots of other ladies from Secret Blogging Santa in the colour 'Santa Red'.

I also have got a lovely pack , so did my brother, of goodies from Leena who sent my Mum an exchange.

I appreciate all of you giving them to me xoxoxo I know I am very lucky and I know how long things take to make.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Special Birthday Gifts

I have put them on now, a long time from when I last put things on, hope that you like them as much as me. The nice ladies who sent me them, Carol and Colette , they are really kind to send me such beautiful things. I opened the dog kennel one first on my birthday, it smelt of Lavender and I think this one is really fun. Thank-you again Carol xx

From Carol

I love this one so much I don't know how people do those special stitches like Colette has done for her hair , the roses and the rose in her hand. I want to try to do them !! I love Pinkeeps so much and I am going to have lots and lots because I am going to collect them. I think I should make another one. Thanks again to you Colette xx

From Colette

I have got some other nice things to show you all , that I got for Christmas.

I have not made anything more yet as school has been really busy .

Before I go I wanted to tell you some jokes...........

Q. What do you call a train loaded with toffee ?
A. A Chew Chew train

Q. Why didn't the skeleton go to the Party?
A. Because he has nobody to go with


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Saturday, August 25, 2007

From Nela

I am allowed to stay up late as because we are on holiday so I wanted to show this amazing bag that Nela from Venezuela has made for me. I got it last week before our holiday and I think it is great and I love it soooooooooooooooo much!! I can't believe she made something as nice even my Mum said she couldn't do all this !!

Here is a close picture to show you how she put my name on with beads and the knitted toggles. It has roses on it at the top proper pully things to open and close it and loads and loads of charms :-)))

Now you can see one of the many pockets this one is cross stitched and had ribbon flowers and charms as well so many many pretty things for me to see, do you love it too??

This is not all... Nela sent me ALL these girly girly things for me to have!! I have got pens, pencil charms, beads, rubber, notebook, hair bobbles a brooch and many more you can see them here. Just fantastic I am soooooooo LUCKY and I do say I LOVE them ALL and Nela is SOOOOOOOO KIND !!

This is all because Nela wanted to spoil me as she is very happy to see that I am starting stitching :-))) I can hardly believe it. Here you can see my bag again as I can't stop looking at it I think you might be the same. So Aunty Su now you can see what we told you about LOL.

I am spoilt my Mum says but she is very happy like me and can't believ it either....then today I got another present!! I got something lovely from her friend Colette when things came for my Mum. I will put that on my blog next time for you to see.

I do a bit of Spanish at school and Nela is Spanish speaking so for you Nela sorry if I have got it wrong but I want to say for you to read xxx

Me encanten el regalo, es una sorpresa...gracias gracias gracias xxxxxxxx

I love my present, it's a surprise...thanks thanks thanks xxxxxxxx

I sent you a card Nela hope you get it soon :-)))


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My exchange TO Katie

I put alot of efert into making it and my favourite bit on it is the bows and the stitching. I made a needle roll and put the lace on the ends myself with my own idea. I did it all on the sewing machine and it was good fun stuffing it like a hotdog then I rolled it like plasterscene. I surprised my Mum with what I did.

This is the back........

Did you guess it is a Mary Kirby?? I had 2 of France so I kept the one from Carols present and used my other for Katie. Thats why I chose this one from my stash to do. I want to do mine now to go with the pinkeep.

I sent Katie some presents to they are on her blog she liked this exchange as much as me so we are both happy :)

I have something else to show you which will be on my blog soon. Please leave a comment if you like our first exchange.

Look down from this and you will see Katies to ME :))

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Katies Exchange TO Me :))

I have really enjoyed doing this exchange with Katie and I am really happy with what she has made me . I love the big fat strawberry it looks like it has got wings :) We couldn't figure out what it was at first by the thing at the bottom then my Mum said oh how lovely it is called a flat fold. I like the way it stands up like a card. The main colour on it is red and that is one of my favourite colours so Katie guessed right!! I think I know why Katies Mum deid the aida as it is similar to the colour of my blog.

Here you can see it sideways and the way it stands up the fabric on the back is black and strawberryish the picture at the bottom shows you all the exchange as I got some presents. I got 4 pieces of aida and some differnt colour threads. I am happy to have some more stash :)

I hope you like to see what I got as much as I did to get it you can leave me a comment if you want. Mine has got there as well so I will show you that next.
This has been a very special day for me



Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look At this !!!!!!!!!

This is the first of three posting today as we have time to get all my news on so we are doing it all at once now :))

This is the best one I love It DO YOU, It is special to me! I really am glad it turned out verry verry good! :-)
I finished my first Mary Kirby called 'Home' (number 1) I wanted a pinkeep like my mum Lena-lou. She helped me to do it by showing me but I did do it all and I used glue when it had dried my mum did stitch all round the edge for me as it was too hard for me. Otherwise I did it all myself and I picked all the colours to go together. This is on 16 count aida which I do think looks nicer than binca but it is easier for me than evenweave/linen that I did the SB sheep on. I am going to make that into a fob real soon!

This below is showing you the pins I choose and a close up of my ribbon

Here you can see what I chose for the back if you like it as much as me please leave me a comment because I worked very hard to do this and I am so PROUD of myself :))

Thank-you for looking and commenting have a nice week and please look at my other 2 posts below and leave me a comment if you would like because I love them ;-)

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